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Hailing from Melbourne, “The Fuse” are quickly proving to be tenacious self starters. Writing highly melodic compositions with emotionally intelligent lyrics and big catchy hooks, it’s evident that their inspiration comes from within. The band which began as a solo project featuring Stefan Holt has now grown into a solid song-oriented powerhouse With Mario Schepis on Vocals. Stefan began playing guitar at age 12 and started writing and performing by age 13. After watching Jimi Hendrix's Woodstock Performance on television he knew instinctively what he had to do. The band features Stefan Holt on guitar Mario Schepis on lead vocal, with The Big Jason on drums/percussion and Jab Reuben on bass. Inspired by, and exhibiting a sound in the vein of artists such as Linkin Park, Guns N Roses, Pink Floyd and many more, the band has recently completed their First Single produced and recorded at they own Studio. Their First Album entitled “Chasing Shadows”, will be officially released in 2018 but there single (set free)is now available digitally on iTunes. The band will begun touring extensively in support of their new release. To stay informed on the bands scheduled shows or for more information on the Fuse, you can visit their websites or contact their management.

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